Before and After Testimonials

“I enjoyed every time I came to the office, the team is amazing and super fun. It was a great experience overall.” – Chelsea V.

“Being a patient at Dr. Hoyos’ office has been a fantastic experience. They are the best and have always made me feel welcome. I would like to thank them for all they have done for me.” – Guillermo F.

“The service was great, I loved how they made me feel comfortable and treated me like family. I’m happy how my teeth turned out. I personally recommend Dr. Hoyos to anyone who needs braces.” – Melanie S.

“It was such an awesome experience with you guys. I felt like I was at home and had a lot of fun every time I came in to the office. Thank you for your time and care. I don’t think I would have felt better if I went somewhere else.” – Patricia S.

Dr. Hoyos and her staff have been amazing to me since day one. Everyone is very professional and helpful, my teeth really needed work and I’m very satisfied with my results. Thank you Dr. Hoyos and her team, it was a unique pleasure letting you all fix my smile!” – Jacqueline L.

“I went to four different doctors before I made my decision to stay with Dr. Hoyos. My son’s condition was difficult to treat due to the severity of his underbite. Dr. Hoyos used a special instrument to correct the bite. He started treatment at a young age and it took a couple of years to finish the first part of the treatment [bite correction], but his bite has been corrected and his smile already looks phenomenal. I am looking forward to completing the second part of the treatment [teeth alignment with braces] and seeing the final  results without braces. Thanks Dr. Hoyos and your wonderful staff.” – Jose B.